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We are also experts in this field: Special press lines for your production.

Wemhöner special press lines can be found in almost all branches of industry: In the production of high-tech composite materials, laminates and fibre composites or for the vulcanisation process. For example, we develop and manufacture not only embossing presses, mould presses and vulcanisation lines, but also cold press lines or systems for the production of three-layer panels. The product portfolio is further complemented by systems for the automotive industry, for the production of photovoltaic modules and laboratory presses.

Embossing presses, cold press, mould presses and vulcanisation lines

Cold press systems are used for the lamination of wood based panels such as multiplex, MDF, OSB and particle board. Laminate, aluminium, stainless steel or linoleum, glass and stone may be used as coating materials. The material handling for the infeed and outfeed of the press can be customised: single or double sided, manual or fully automatic.
Wemhöner embossing and mould presses as well as vulcanisation lines have many possible uses in the production of composite materials:
  • Manufacture of natural rubber-metal products or custom made aramid, fibreglass and carbon fibre products
  • Specific press pressures up to 1,000 N/cm². Depending on the size of the pressing surface this can result in a total force up to 110 000 kN.
  • Temperature settings are in the range of 140 - 180 °C.

Three-layer panel production

Our systems for the manufacture of laminated board include a fully automated laying area in front of the press and a finishing process with a stacking area behind the press.

The specific press pressure is up to 100 N/cm², for lateral pressure up to 50 N/cm².

Laboratory presses

Wemhöner laboratory presses are a useful addition in short-cycle pressing and 3D VARIOPRESS® field. Different applications can be inexpensively tested and evaluated. The standard press size is 600 x 600 mm. Special sizes are possible. Press pressures are up to 1,000 N/cm². Temperature settings to 220 °C. Thermal oil or electrical heating panels with optional rear cooling provide heating. Feeding the laboratory press is mainly semi-automatic in order to ensure the shortest possible time spent unpressurised.