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High-quality solutions for surfaces.

Our vision of surface finishing technologies: thinking beyond the surface. We think in terms of system solutions. The finest example of this is our Wemhöner MasterLine® product group. It stands for high-quality and cost-effective lines for surface finishing of MDF and chipboard panels or other flat materials. The modular concept of the lacquering, direct printing and digital printing systems enables optimum integration in existing lacquering and production lines.

Wemhöner MasterDigital®

The technology of the future: Bi-directional digital printing enables flexible production processes from a lot size of a single piece, regardless of decor changes. In addition to the technology of digital printing onto sheet materials Wemhöner also offers digital printing on paper, (roll to roll), based on the multi-pass system. The industry-standard equipment design ensures high precision prints.
Production capacity ranges from 100 to 1,000 m²/h at 600 x 600 dpi depending on the equipment in question. The modular designed Wemhöner controller is upgradeable to higher capacities.

At Wemhöner bi-directional printing represents harmony and perfection in surface finishes. With 2,560 nozzles per print unit the print heads produce a print resolution of 600 x 600 dpi.

Wemhöner MasterPrinter®

High-tech for single and multi-coloured patterns using the direct printing method: Wemhöner MasterPrinter® is a highly innovative and powerful printing machine for shaping wood and fantasy decors using the "indirect gravure process". The system is designed to achieve optimum print results for working widths up to 2,600mm. Variable repeat lengths. Single and multi-colour printing in perfection.

Wemhöner MasterCoater®

Lacquering, staining, filling: With the MasterCoater® liquid lacquer systems are applied perfectly to wood-based surfaces by rolling. A wide range of fluids can be applied by rolling: including primers, pigments, varnishes, oils, stains, waxes and fillers.

Wemhöner MasterDryer®

Drying processes for different coating systems: Whether a circulating air dryer, jet dryer or infrared drying process - the correct drying process is decisive when it comes to surface quality, energy consumption and cost.

Wemhöner MasterCuring®

UV radiator components for curing of UV radiation-curing lacquering systems: The layout of the modules can be expanded and adapted to match the production technology. The radiation dose is switchable or controllable. Options for infrared reduction and variable reflector geometries are available.

Wemhöner MasterHandling®

The optimum plant equipment for loading, transporting and stacking in all areas of production.

Wemhöner MasterControl®

Control of process flow over the entire line: Utilizing a decentralised control, the production process is controlled by means of visualisation. This is upgradeable for future plant expansions. PC and PLC technology regulate and control the Wemhöner MasterLine® from feeding to stacking.